Higher education in Canada

Guaranteed admission even without English, at any age, with school education, and without taking IELTS*

Why choose Canada?

high quality of education standards
CAD 15,000
tuition fee is lower than in the U.S. or the U.K.
tolerance and non-discrimination in Canadian society
Immigration through education is one of the surest ways to move and stay in Canada
Why study in Canada?
  • This is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to move to Canada with subsequent immigration
  • You can enter a college or university in Canada at any age after the age of 17
  • During your studies, you have the opportunity to work legally and earn $15 per hour or more
  • You will learn an in-demand profession for immigration
  • Education received in Canada is recognized around the world
How is this beneficial for future immigration?
    • Post-graduation work permit in Canada for 1-3 years
    • Additional immigration programs specifically for graduates
    • Almost guaranteed permanent residency due to new education and work experience
    • Improved English and adaptation to the country during the period of study

    Why contact us?

      You can trust us for several reasons
      • License availability
        Our team is headed by the leading licensed immigration consultant from the capital of Canada - Ivanna Pavlenko. License number R706095. Check.
      • Our experience
        Dozens of our clients received visas this year and are already living in Canada!
      • Special offers
        We partner with over 80 universities and colleges across Canada. We also suggest special offers from partner institutions - tuition discounts and free English courses.
      • IELTS is not needed
        Our partners enroll you without the IELTS test.
      • Age is not important
        Our youngest client who received a visa was 17 years old, and the most adult one was 52 years old.
      • Moving with family
        You can go to Canada as a family. If you get a student visa, your spouse or common-law partner will get a work visa, and your children will get tourist or student visas (depending on their age).

      Opiniones de nuestros clientes

      How do we work?

      • You sign up for a consultation on study
      • After the consultation we sign a contract with you
      • We select a university or college for you and prepare documents for visas

      Choose an immigration consultant
      for a consultation

      Alexander Balabanov
      $195 CAD / ~$145 USD
      Alexander has been working in education since 2006 and is an experienced specialist. He conducts initial consultations in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.
      The next appointment for 01.04.2023
      Ivanna Pavlenko
      $245 CAD / ~$180 USD
      Ivanna runs the company and applies for visas. Because of this there is usually a long line for consultations with her.
      The next appointment for 11.04.2023
      Examples of college scholarships
      Our partners
      We work with colleges, private schools, and universities across Canada

      Special offer

      Georgian@ILAC College, located in downtown Toronto, suggests a special offer to students who want to study one of the in-demand programs: computer programming, international business management, project management, etc.
      • Scholarship of CAD 4,000 per year
      • 12 weeks of free English classes
      • Chance to win an iPhone

      Don't doubt it!

      We will deduct the consultation cost from your Canadian study agreement if you decide to sign it within a week of assessing your chances of obtaining a visa!

      Answers to questions*

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